The Art Club Faces

Art Club Faces, launched by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine in partnership with creative space Chasopys is a platform for communication and exchange of experience of Ukrainian and foreign writers, musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers and other cultural representatives. The project aims at promoting contemporary art among young people, enabling communication with the already known and new faces in the cultural field.

Meetings held in 2016

At the beginning of March the meeting with theatre and film actress, TV presenter, volunteer Irma Vitovska was held. During the meeting the actress told about charitable art project «Oscar and the Lady in Pink» and her actor activity during the war.

«And I think it is necessary now to work more with the theater, where people come to cry and laugh» - Irma Vitovska convinced.

What feminism is and what challenges face modern Ukrainian woman told writer, translator Evgeniya Kononenko within the framework of the meeting of the Art Club Faces. She also focused on the image of women in modern literature and noted that «real texts should cause real feelings». «Too little events in our lives cause true feelings, not simulated, and they should be appreciated, » - the writer said.

Meeting with the composer, author of international electronic music projects Alla Zahaikevych was held within to the Art Club Faces. During the meeting Alla Zahaikevych told about creativeness, share her views on the development of modern Ukrainian music and tell about the development of her own projects that were presented at international festivals.

The Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation in a partnership with a free lecture-hall Wise Cow organized the lecture on «The Ukrainian cinema in names: poetics, realism and underground». The lecture included discussions on following topics:

- The artist and the governance. Ivan Kavaleridze and long decades of his wanderings;

- Between poetry cinema and government order. As Olexander Dovzhenko was creating a national on-screen world in the years of repression;

- Man with a cinema camera and his brothers. Dziga Vertov invents a brilliant film, Mykhailo Kaufman shot it, and Borys Kaufman  with Marlon Brando received «Oscar»;

- Armenian in search of Ukrainian identity. Why did Sergii Paradjanov chose the work by Kotsiubynskyi;

- The actor, composer, writer, director. Ivan Mykolaychuk was  the artist who could do everything, but had not enough time to do everything.


Well-known Ukrainian producer Oles Sanin one of the few whose work is adequately evaluated not only in Ukraine but also abroad, believes that over the last year appeared a unique history in Ukraine that can’t be missed. Mentioned Oles during the meeting Art club “Face”, held in Kyiv on January 19 in Fedoriv Hub.

We live in time when we need to save energy and not to make unnecessary movements, but to work together in the right direction and to go to the success. That is very important to support and to develop culture, as when there is no culture, there is no country. Mentioned Ukrainian musician, activist and leader of the band “Mandry” Sergii Fomenko during the Art Club “Face”, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation, held in Kyiv on November, 26.

The leaders of the Sukhishvili ballet – Nino and Iliko Sukhishvili told how they are going to surprise Ukrainian audience during the concerts on March 6, 7 and 8 in Kyiv. They shared their creative secrets during the Art Club “Face”, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation, held in Kyiv on March 5 in Fedoriv Hub.

On the 2nd of April, during the meeting of the Art Club “Face”, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation, the designer Oksana Karavanska told about her formation as the person and fashion designer, the creation of her own brand, and also shared the secrets of her own business that she is doing over the last 20 years.

Georgian writer and the author of bestseller “Generation of Jeans. Escape from USSR” Dato Turashvili told when he began to write and how he managed to attract young generation for overall reading. The secrets of his success he shared during the Art Club “Face” on May 15 organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation with the assistance of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine.

On 23 September a storyteller, actor and scenarist Sashko Lirnyk gladdened participants of Art Club Face organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation with real Ukrainian fairytales and explained what input they have on education of nation.

Famous Ukrainian writer, culture expert Lubko Deresh told how to enjoy life and literary activity and shared his own thoughts on the subject of how not to lose your own «self» during the Art Club Faces, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk «Open Ukraine» Foundation.

The Open Ukraine Foundation within the Art Club Faces organized the presentation of the «Book for stylish ladies» by well-known Ukrainian designer, stylist Oksana Karavanska.

In her «Book for stylish ladies», which became a literary debut of Oksana Karavanska, she tells how important to introduce young ladies with the world of fashion and style. During the meeting, the designer told what parents should pay attention to education really stylish ladies.


The meeting with Ukrainian artists Dariya Koltsova and Roman Mikhailov on «Modern Ukrainian art as a tool of cultural diplomacy» took place within the Art Club Faces.

During the meeting, the artists told about modern Ukrainian art as a tool of presentation of Ukraine abroad and shared their views on what the Ukrainian curatorial projects become successful in the world and what caused it. Artists paid attention to the author projects of the last two years, which have been a reflection to the current situation in the country.

The presentation of program “Christmas Miracle” of Ukrainian band VRODA was held on January 16. Besides the songs of the composer Vasyl Tkach, the band presented Ukrainian folk songs in new design.

On May 20th Maryna VRODA the Ukrainian film director, winner of the “Golden Palm” Cannes Film Festival for Best Short Film held the training. The director recommended to seek the ideas for the film among the topics which disturb the author and that appear in his circle.

The concert “In the Spirit of Summer” of the band ConCord was held on June 24. Jazz, pop and funk songs were sang solo.

The meeting with Ukrainin writers Kapranov Brothers was held on September 23, during the meeting the musical program “Love Ukrainians” was presented. The viewers enjoyed the music in the kobza-rap style and songs on poems of Ukrainian poets.

On 28 of October the guest of Art Club became Ukrainian producer and film director, winner of many prizes at international film festivals – Helena Fetisova. She described the beginning of her film life, the first films and new projects, the inspiration and challenges and the national and international cinema support.

On November 25th was held meeting “Poetic map of Kyiv” with the translator and poetess – Natalya Belchenko. Poetess read poems about urban legends of Kyiv and showed present and past photos.

On 15 of December was held a meeting with Ukrainian photographer Ephrem Lukatskyi. He shared his work experience in the “hot spots”, gave some advices to young photojournalists and emphasized the question of self security during the war.

During 2013 the Open Ukraine Foundation held eight art meetings with Ukrainian artists.

On 24 January the festive musical evening of vocal ensemble ConСord was held. The audience listened to Christmas songs of different nations, hit songs, jazz compositions and original songs a cappella.

On 11 March «FACES» Art Club hosted Oksana ZABUZHKO. The Popular Ukrainian writer read pieces out of her latest book of essays "From the Map of Books and People", dedicated to the actuality of „the Museum of Abandoned Secrets” after the book release, and told about a new book prepared for publication in co-authorship with Polish journalist Izabela Chruslinska.

On 24 April «FACES» Art Club gathered guests to hold musical evening of young singer Maryna Zubko. Talented singer sang Ukrainian, German romances and folk songs in adaptation by Ukrainian composers.

On 24 May «FACES» Art Club hosted a meeting with Max KIDRUK, traveler and writer. Author of ‘BOT’, the first Ukrainian techno-thriller told the audience why book commercialization is important, why there is no multimillion editions so far in Ukraine like King, Bryan and Patterson and why it is important to seek for new niches in contemporary Ukrainian literature.

On 20 June «FACES» Art Club hosted a poetry and music evening of Oksana Borovets, Yaroslav Dzhus and Maksym Berezhnyuk. During this event Oksana Borovets presented her latest book «417 Minibus or the Tree of Buddhas». Maksym Berezhnyuk told about wind instruments and demonstrated how they sound. Yaroslav Dzhus told the audience about his instrument and performed the hits, original songs on bandura.

On 25 September the next «Faces» Art Club with well-known writer, journalist, broadcaster and documentary filmmaker Yuriy MAKAROV was held. The author presented his new book «Quarter to Ten».

On 29 October the Art Club held a meeting with Irene Rozdobudko, journalist and writer and Igor Zhuk, well-known songwriter, who presented their joint Concert Performance «Romance with Flies».

On 15 November the Art Club hosted Natalka Sopit and film-director Vasyl Viter. The guests told the story how "Game of Fate" project was created: about its characters, how film shooting was done, how the screenplays were prepared, about creative project team.

19 November in the creative place Chasopys, as part of the Art Club Faces, was held Serhiy Zhadan readings Poetry as Politics. During the first open meeting of the club known Ukrainian writer presented his new poems.

13 December in the creative place Chasopys, as part of the next meeting of the Art Club Faces, Andriy KURKOV told the story of creating the novel Lviv Tour of Jimi Hendrix. And he also gave a master class of short prose for young writers that were selected according to the previously announced competition.