Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation is launching the psychological aid project

02 March 2015, 09:13

Arseniy Yarsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation together with the psychotherapist, psychology health adviser Dr Tina Beradze is launching the «Psychological rehabilitation» project.


«Psychological rehabilitation - is a project, that is aimed on combatant support. their families, volunteers. As the participation in the arm - is the extreme situation, when a person is always in a strong psychological stress, and it is very hard to come back to the normal life without the professional aid. That is why, the main aim of the project is to rehabilitate the functional condition of the organism, to normalize emotional, morally-ethical and motivation spheres», - explained the Head of Supervisory Council of Open Ukraine Foundation Tereziya Yatsenyuk. 

Within the framework of the project Dr Tina Beradze will give answers to the questions, concerning the psychological health support during the time of social disturbance, how morally to be prepared for negative information and how to help the nation to withstand and to save the health during the war.

To put the question to Dr Tina Beradze is possible with the link

The answers will appear on YouTube-channel of the Foundation with the link

Moreover within the project «Psychological rehabilitation»  is planned to conduct the group meetings with the wounded, their families, volunteers, migrants. 

Right now there is a cooperation with the Irpin military hospital, where several times per week Dr Tina will have personal reception and consultations.

For additional information concerning the conduction of meetings, please contact by phone (044)220 18 40