Oleksandr Lytvynenko: «We have the classical case of war for independence»

24 February 2015, 20:05

The topic of security sector reform and defense is very relevant when Ukraine is under the cruel pressure and aggression from the side of Russian Federation. Actually, this aggression has a lot of dimensions  and started already in 1995 with the decree of the ex president of Russian Federation Borys Eltsin. 

Such idea pronounced the deputy Secretary of RNBO Aleksandr Lytvynenko during the openning of «Scenarios of Ukrainian Security Sector Reform. Slovak experience» training which was initiated by Arseniy Yatsenyuk «Open Ukraine» Foundation.

«After that, progressively, in-between 2005-2006 has built the strong system of pressure, influence, which has political, economic, energetic and propaganda methods. When in 2013 the russians understood that the existing system is not so effective and when was the EuroMaidan, which led to the substantive abatement of Russian influence in new Ukraine, they effected the escalation and implemented new methods, for this time - military methods , that became add-on to the already existing system of pressure», - said Lytvynenko.

Accordingly, convinced the deputy Secretary of RNBO, now Ukraine has to oppose the Russain pressure and change the attitude of others. 

Last events made other players - including NATO - to estimate the situation differently. And this, thinks the expert, means that Ukraine, as the part of the geopolitical area, is changing. 

«We can be the part of NATO and to receive the umbrella from NATO, if we add the security to the member states of the alliance, but not to require it from them. I have good hope for the support from our partners, including weapons, but anyway, this war is ours» - stressed Lytvynenko.

Nowadays «We have the classical case of war for independence»

Today started the 5 days training «Security sector reform». The project is initiated by Arseniy Yarsenyuk Open Ukraine foundation together with the Centre for North Atlantic and European Affairs (CENAA) supported by SlovakAid.

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