«Ukraine stands at a pivotal moment of its history, which cannot be lost» – O. Sanin

20 January 2015, 16:46

Famous Ukrainian film director Oles Sanin whose works are highly evaluated not only in Ukraine but also abroad believes that this year is a pivotal moment for the history that cannot be lost. He said that during the meeting of Art Club "Faces" which was held on 19 January in Fedoriv Hub, Kyiv.

«Finally we have a true Ukrainian audience that wants to see their own stories on the screen. Not only anthem, flag, army and law became important over the past year. A new phenomenon appeared in Ukraine –"open heart" to own culture. Ukrainians are becoming a nation in such a period of time which other nations are experiencing for decades and sometimes centuries. This is the "window of opportunity" that we cannot lose» - claims the film director.

Oles also noted that many tragic and heroic events had happened in Ukraine over the last year. «There are dozens and hundreds of stories which make a nation from people and heroes from soldiers» emphasizes Oleksandr Sanin and immediately adds:  «If there are such stories I would select them more strictly. I will ask myself: «If there are such stories, how my story must look like?».

Oles also spoke about shooting of "The guide". «It was extremely important for me not to convey my ambitions of a director, operator or actor. We had to tell the story to people in a way they can understand».

Famous film director says that he did not expect that this film would be watched by an unprecedented number of people for Ukrainian audience – 450 000 viewers and raise approximately 16 million UAH that almost cover outlay. «We could not imagine that this film could change the paradigm of "Ukrainian cinema uselessness". This provides new opportunities and freedom! » - he said.

Finally Oles gave a piece of advice to the young generation of directors. «If you are going to tell a story to people – be honest with yourself and people with whom you are working search for friends and work with friends. Not your own friends but friends whose stories you tell. And then not you but your story has a chance to be successful. There is the only formula for success, which I can tell. Be honest and that`s all», - he said.

The last film of Oles Sanin "The Guide or Flowers have eyes" was presented in spring 2014. For less than a week of distribution the film set a record in Ukrainian cinema – it was watched by approximately 95 thousand persons. Critics have already called "The Guide" a breakthrough of the year. The Foreign Language Film Award Committee decided to nominate "The Guide" for one of the most prestigious awards – Oscar in nomination Best Foreign Language Film.

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