Tymofiy Havryliv, supported by the Open Ukraine Foundation, participated in Norsk Litteraturfestival

06 June 2013, 14:44

Sponsored by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation, Tymofiy Havryliv, Ukrainian writer, traveled to Norway to participate in the biggest literature festival Norsk Litteraturfestival in the countries of the Northern Europe that is already being held for the 19th time this year.

Norsk Litteraturfestival is a non-profit event and attracts abound 25000 visitors every year. The Festival is focused on literary, social and political issues. A series of seminars, public debates, readings, theatre, concerts and film screening are open for a wide audience.

As part of the Festival’s activities Tymofiy Gavryliv participated in an open discussion panel dedicated to contemporary Ukrainian literature together with Martin Paulsen (Norway), researcher of Ukrainian literature. Tymofiy read a piece of his own book from the Almanac of Ukrainian authors’ translations in Norwegian language (the edition was prepared as part of “More countries – more books” project). Besides that, Tymofiy publicly represented other Ukrainian authors who were included in the Almanac.

«This is the first time that Ukrainian writers come to this Norwegian literary collective event. Our participation is taking place within a project “More countries – more books”. I hope that after that there will be an increase in number of translations of Ukrainian authors in Norway. And Ukraine, as a result, will become more understandable for Europe”, - Ukrainian novelist commented on his participation in the festival.

It should be mentioned that the Arseniy Yatsenyuk ‘Open Ukraine’ Foundation has been already supporting ‘Cultural Horizons’ Program for the fifth year consecutively. This program is dedicated to promote Ukrainian culture abroad and integration of Ukrainian art into the global context. Every year as part of the program the Foundation provides travel grants to Ukrainian artists for participation in foreign festivals, exhibitions, contests, and, respectively, representing cultural achievements of modern Ukraine.