Bundestag member emphasized the importance of “resistant to crises” social security

26 November 2012, 12:35

One of the main conditions for effective functioning of the social security system should be its resistance to the crises, primarily of financial in nature that will protect citizens from risks associated with loss of expected social assistance. This was stressed by the German Bundestag member Bärbel Kofler during the 1st Youth Kyiv Security Forum “Human security in international relations: foreign policy for human”.

“It's very important to have such a system of social security, which is relatively resistant to crises. This will allow people to get the guaranteed minimum, regardless of what is happening in society,” stated B. Kofler.

According to her, resistant to a crisis (especially financial) are “dependent on the circumstances,” social welfare systems. “This means that every time in society arises a certain form of state, which provides direct insurance payments,” she explained. At the same time, in the opinion of the member German parliament, financed investment tools are not “resilient anti-crisis social welfare”.

Bundestag member emphasized that each country has different interpretations on issues of social security and safety. “In my opinion, we are talking about providing health care, pensions, environmental protection, policies concerning elderly people, particularly in circumstances where society is aging. Additionally, 1.5 million people in our society have problems with mental health. It is on these issues, which are the domain of social security, we focus in Germany,” she said. At the same time, added Bärbel Kofler, it is important to address issues of social security, in collaboration with various organizations, including the International Labour Organization.

B. Kofler indicated that Germany, with its 130-year history of development of social security (the so-called “solidarity system”) is also trying to address this issue in a broader sense. “In the Bundestag, we also discuss suggestions for how we can support people in other countries, to help them build their own system of social security,” she said. At the same time, as emphasized B. Kofler, she does not believe that the entire German experience in this field should be adopted, as “even in Germany not everything is perfectly arranged in this regard “.

However, as emphasized German member of parliament, social security – is only a part of social justice. Important also is The issue of fair wages, fair participation in the company's operation, profit-sharing, etc., pointed out Bärbel Kofler.

Youth Kyiv Security Forum – a new initiative of Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation “Open Ukraine”, which aims to create a platform for discussion by young experts from different countries urgent issues of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine.

1st Youth Kyiv Security Forum will be held November 23-24 and will bring young experts from over 10 countries to discuss the importance of human security in the development of international relations. Guest speakers for young people will include specialists from Japan, Germany, USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, as well as representatives of international organizations in Ukraine, including the UN, NATO, EU.

The Youth Forum is made possible through a partnership with Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Regional Representation of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine, and with the support of The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (a project of German Marshall Fund, USA), Center of NATO Information and Documentation in Ukraine, Democratic Control of Armed Forces (Switzerland) and the Center for International and European Studies at Kadir Has University (Turkey).