Danylo Lubkivskyi: China’s peace plan suggesting that Ukraine gives up its territories is unacceptable

26 May, 20:41

Ukraine will never give up its territories, therefore the position of the Special Representative of China for peaceful settlement offering to recognize the occupied Ukrainian territories as Russian is unacceptable.

This was stated by Danylo Lubkivsky, the Director of the Kyiv Security Forum, at the annual 15th KSF.

“We have just learned from The Wall Street Journal that China’s envoy, who is supposed to promote China’s reconciliation plan in Ukraine, says that US allies should ensure an end to war and a cease-fire by handing over to Russia the territories it is currently occupying. And this is, in fact, the Chinese peace plan,” he said.

“I have to answer this on behalf of the Kyiv Security Forum. Such a “peace plan” is unacceptable neither for Ukraine, nor for the free world, nor indeed for any country that fights for the fundamental principles of international law and the principles of equality,” he said.

“There should be no replacement of a peace initiative by an offer of a world system based on slavery, injustice and aggression. Ukraine does not accept this, it does not perceive its future this way,” said Danylo Lubkivsky.

“Some will say that we are idealists. This is really so. We fight for ideals, for our confidence in ourselves. And all the support we receive from our allies is also idealistic, because we all fight for a better, a more humane and humanistic world, to never let the Russian genocide and aggression happen again,” he emphasized.

Noteworthy, the 15th annual Kyiv security forum “For Our and Your Freedom/ Fighting for NATO” will be held on May 25-26, 2023, with the participation of well-known international figures. In particular, at the Forum, the KSF Security Council will be formed and a policy document will be adopted with recommendations for the NATO summit in Vilnius to be held this July.