China needs Russia, but still more it needs international order even more – expert on international relations

26 May, 20:11

The People’s Republic of China is trying to keep a balance between Russia and the West.

This idea was voiced by Bobo Lo, Independent Expert on International relations, Non-Resident Fellow at the Lowy Institute, Senior Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) at the 15th annual Kyiv Security Forum, established by Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s “Open Ukraine” Foundation.

“China is trying to maintain a rather complex and delicate balance. On the one hand, China wants to maintain a strategic partnership with Russia and on the other, China recognizes that its future depends on global integration with others. China needs Russia, and at the same time and even more so it needs the world and international order. China is trying to keep this balance by maintaining a position that, at a first glance, may appear to be supportive of Russia, whereas in fact it provides very little support to Russia,” said Ms Lo.

“From the Chinese perspective, the worst thing about this war is not that it is immoral (naturally, it is moral), but rather that Russia is waging it so badly. Russia discredits not only itself, but its partners as well. It pains China that it is associated with Russia,” the expert added.

Recently, China presented its peace settlement plan for Ukraine, and the purpose of this strategy, according to Lo, is not to engage in successful mediation, but to represent China as a good international citizen.

Noteworthy, the 15th annual Kyiv security forum “For Our and Your Freedom/ Fighting for NATO” will be held on May 25-26, 2023, with the participation of well-known international figures. In particular, at the Forum, the KSF Security Council will be formed and a policy document will be adopted with recommendations for the NATO summit in Vilnius to be held this July.