After its victory, Ukraine must modernize and integrate into the Western world, Amb. Paula Dobriansky

26 May, 20:06

Events in Ukraine affect the global situation, and this explains why Ukraine must win as it defends basic values of the democratic world.

This was stated by Paula Dobriansky, Vice-Chair, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, United States Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs in 2001-09, at the 15th annual Kyiv Security Forum, established by Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s “Open Ukraine” Foundation.

“The geopolitical situation in the world has already changed, and the situation in Ukraine affects not only Europe, but the whole of the global community. This emphasizes once again the importance of Ukraine’s victory,” she emphasized.

Paula Dobriansky emphasized that victory is determined not only by winning the war, but by not losing peace.

“Therefore, after the military victory is achieved, a victory must be achieved in matters of stabilization and reconstruction of the country. A lot of effort is already being made to mobilize financial resources, private sector, and investors. It is also about restoring justice, bringing criminals to justice, inevitability of punishment, and the importance attached to the fact of directing Russia’s assets to compensate losses incurred to Ukraine,” the diplomat added.

“Victory for Ukraine and for all of us is, first and foremost means, modernization, digitization of Ukraine, implementation of necessary reforms, and the ability to attract investment and make Ukraine the integral part of the Western community, NATO and the EU,” Paula Dobriansky summarized.

Noteworthy, the 15th annual Kyiv security forum “For Our and Your Freedom/ Fighting for NATO” will be held on May 25-26, 2023, with the participation of well-known international figures. In particular, at the Forum, the KSF Security Council will be formed and a policy document will be adopted with recommendations for the NATO summit in Vilnius to be held this July.