Steven Pifer: You do not want Ukraine to become a football in the American Presidential Election

31 October 2019, 19:19

Matters of American politics are complicated and for that reason, the Ukrainian government is doing the right thing by not supporting either side of the American political crisis.

Senior Fellow at the Brooking’s Institute (USA), Steven Pifer, stated this during a meeting in Kyiv, organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk "Open Ukraine" Foundation.

"There is no advantage in Ukraine getting drawn in to the America political crisis," said the diplomat. "Ukraine doesn’t want to become a political football because it might threaten to undo a consensus of very strong bipartisan support that Ukraine has had from both Democrats and Republicans since its independence."

The discussion sparked by questions from the audiences ended up becoming quite lively. Experts and active youth showed great interest in issues regarding the cooperation between Ukraine and NATO and Ukrainian-American relations.

According to the speaker, it is "very unlikely" that the US Congress will turn to Ukraine for additional materials or testimony for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Pifer voiced the opinion that the current level of support from the American government towards Ukraine is still high enough. "Congress continues to provide military support. If we want to see Ukraine stable, independent and democratic, this is in our best interest. This assistance also sends an important signal to Russia," the speaker concluded.

The "Open Ukraine" Foundation thanks Steven Pifer for his openness and willingness to communicate.