Viktorija Cieminytė: after Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, NATO is undergoing its largest transformation in history

21 February 2019, 14:09

Deputy Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine, Viktorija Cieminytė, believes that NATO is undergoing its largest transformation since the “Cold War”. She spoke about this at the 7th Youth Kyiv Security Forum, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

Cieminytė noted that today NATO faces many challenges: cyber, terrorist, and hybrid. "The word ‘hybrid’ very accurately describes the nature of today’s security environment", – she said, adding that NATO knows how to adapt to new challenges.

"After 2014, after Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, we are in the process of what might be the most important transformation since the times of the "Cold War"… We have improved the readiness of our forces, we increased our presence by placing battalions in the Baltic States and Poland, we have a multinational brigade in Romania, we have increased our presence in the Black Sea", – emphasized Cieminytė.

She added that while the world is changing, NATO is changing with it. What remains unchanged is the members’ commitment to protecting one another. According to Cieminytė, solidarity and unity are the keys to overcoming differences and successfully protecting against threats.


Youth Kyiv Security Forum is a platform for young experts to discuss relevant issues regarding international relations and Ukraine’s foreign policy. The goal of the forum is to strengthen the role of a new generation of experts and improve their ability to participate in the process of political analysis and development.

During this year's two-day Forum, representatives from every region of Ukraine, as well as young specialists from Georgia, Germany and Poland will discuss the current challenges faced by international organizations (EU, NATO, OSCE, UN, CE). As a result, the participants will present an alternative view on the activities of these organizations.