Morning meeting "Open Morning" with Doctor Ulana Suprun

05 February 2019, 08:04

Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation would like to invite you to an "Open Morning" session with Dr. Ulana Suprun, the Acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine. The meeting will be structured as an engaging 30 minute conversation over some morning coffee, with relaxed dialogue and the chance to ask the guest your interesting questions. 15 applicants will be selected to participate as a result of the contest.

Time and place for the meeting: Tuesday, February 12th, 9 am. Duration: 30-40 min.

Participants will get the opportunity to speak to Ulana Suprun about how the Acting Minister of Healthcare starts her day and what motivates and inspires her.

To take part in the contest, please fill out the registration form at the link:

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that filling out the registration form doesn’t guarantee participation. Selected applicants will receive invite information at the email address they designated in the registration form.


Aresniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation continues its morning meeting format between young leaders and renowned government officials, representatives of the diplomatic sector, cultural pundits and experts from various fields.

The purpose of these meeting is to create an open space for conversation and the exchange of ideas between public figures and the youth.