We wish you a happy New Year and a merry Christmas!

28 December 2018, 12:17

The past year has been challenging yet memorable for all of us. It was full of hard work, accomplishments, and aspiration towards making the right decisions and achieving the desired results.

The 11th Kyiv Security Forum, sessions of the "Open World" discussion club, morning "Open Morning" meetings with fascinating guest, travel grants provided to talented Ukrainians, and a creative summer school. All of that is only a part of what the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation accomplished in 2018.

On New Year and Christmas Eve, we all feel immersed in our childhood fairytales and new dreams. So let the magical winter holidays bring you happiness, pleasant new encounters, and the fulfilment of your most cherished dreams. And let the New Year be a year of positive change for all of us, and for Ukraine – a year of strengthening sovereignty, prosperity and spiritual renewal!

We hope that your Christmas holidays are joyful and that the New Year is full of success. Let your life journey be full of accomplishment and your home always full of harmony, love, and abundance. Health, inspiration, and God’s blessing in every home!