IMF Resident Representative: With Continued Good Policies and Reforms, Ukraine should see Economic Success

24 October 2018, 17:04

The IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine, Mr. Gosta Ljungman, stressed the importance of preserving the hard-won macroeconomic stability in order to promote growth and prosperity in Ukraine during the meeting in the framework of the "Open World" Discussion Club, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

"Good macroeconomic policies over the past four years have helped reduce economic imbalances and get Ukraine’s economy out of a difficult recession. The Central Bank is doing is doing the right think in focusing on bringing down inflation, and ensuring external balance", - said the IMF Representative. The government has successfully reduced the  fiscal deficit, and public debt is now shrinking, - he added.

Mr. Ljungman also discussed the numerous structural reforms that have been launched since 2014, including financial sector reforms, energy sector reforms and the creation of anti-corruption institutions. He pointed out that it was important to continue with these reforms to strengthen the economy and attract much-needed investment.

Overall, the IMF Resident Representative sounded optimistic. "The last four years demonstrated Ukraine is moving in right direction", - he concluded.


Discussion Club "Open World" is an educational project of the "Open Ukraine" Foundation for socially active young people. Its goal is to raise a new generation of responsible leaders. Every month the Foundation holds lectures with renowned experts, politicians and public figures, during which they discuss ways of effective solutions to social problems in Ukraine and in the world.