Ukrainian presented a performance at the World art festival

18 October 2018, 16:43

Ukrainian artist Olena Avdeyeva took part at the festival at one of the largest media and art centers in the world Ars Electronica. The festival of digital music, showcase of creativity and innovation was held in Linz, Austria, September 6-10, 2018. Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation supported the artist by providing a travel grant for a trip to Austria. Ars Electronica has 12 locations, more than 1,300 artists, scientists, technicians, interpreters and activists from 54 countries, more than 105,000 spectators at over 600 events during 5 days.

– I was invited to the festival by the leaders of the organization "OMAI" (Office for media and art international), who are developers of the Tagtool program for online animation, which I use in my work, – the artist noted.

Olena, along with her team "The Theater of Animation Art", presented the play "The Cat Walking by Himself", which uses Tagtool to create vibrant multimedia scenery. The Ukrainian team also participated in the international Tagtool convention, during which a joint animation-musical and theatrical improvisational performance with participation of 6 artists, 2 musicians and 2 dolls from Austria, Colombia, Croatia and Ukraine took place.

"This experience was extremely important, both for me personally and for my theater. It was an international premiere of the "The Cat Walking by Himself" (played for the first time in English), which was very welcomed by foreign audience. Also, getting acquainted with the Tagtool convention participants and the joint performance gave a lot of positive experience and became the basis for further international cooperation. In addition, the festival Ars Electronica has greatly expanded the boundaries of perception of art and innovation", – summed up Olena Avdeyeva.


Olena Avdeyeva is a young Ukrainian artist, one of the founders of "The Theater of Animation Art", works with modern multimedia technologies and creates scenography, animation in various theatrical projects. She collaborates with independent Ukrainian theaters ("The Wild Theater", the "Dakh" theater) and the theaters of Europe.

Open Ukraine Foundation provides mini-grants for travel expenses for Ukrainian artists to exchange artistic experience at the international level and to improve the cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign artists. These grants give Ukrainian artists the opportunity to present their achievements to the whole world.