The results of the "Open Morning" meeting with Ivanka Nebor

04 October 2018, 16:32

Friends, we continue our morning coffee meetings with renowned experts, journalists, politicians. Today we had a pleasure to host the President and Founder of medical platform INgenius. Young doctor is always looking for opportunities for self-improvement. Professional development for Ivanka Nebor is a priority in her life. She admits that the process of understanding the functioning of the medical industry in other countries develop not only their own medical skills, but also gives a unique opportunity to help your native country.

A meeting started with traditional introductions. Ivanka Nebor spoke about the idea of creating her own project, the medical platform INgenius.

Ivanka is optimistic about Ukrainian medicine and is always ready to share the experience she has gained during her internship abroad.

"I recently returned from the United States of America, where I Interned at various clinics. I had the opportunity to see what American medicine looks from the inside. During three months internship, I received an incredible knowledge and skills", – Ivanka admitted.

We admit that we managed to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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