The results of the "Open Morning" meeting with Vitalii Portnikov

12 September 2018, 13:11

Friends, we continue our morning coffee meetings with renowned experts, journalists, politicians. Today we had a pleasure to host a unique journalist and TV presenter Vitalii Portnikov. We admit that we managed to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Morning coffee and a pleasant audience inspired Mr. Portnikov to elaborate on his morning routine. "Tea or coffee is just about trying to wake up. I spend my mornings ih complete silence or listening music. It all depends on what is going on outside. The most important morning rule for me – I try to never have breakfast at home", – shared V. Portnikov.

During the meeting, the audience was quite engaging, asking about the state of modern journalism and the prediction of the future for Ukraine.

We are pleased to note the growing interest towards these meetings among young people, NGO representatives. We express gratitude to Vitalii Portnikov. We thank the participants for active civiс stand.

Do not forget to follow our announcements. See you during next "Open Morning" meetings.

The "Open Ukraine" Foundation is an international foundation, established in July 2007 for strengthening and development of Ukraine’s reputation in the world. The main tasks of the Foundation are improving international reputation of Ukraine and increasing its promotion abroad, promoting international cooperation with Ukraine and public diplomacy.