Internet of things: privacy should be strengthened - Doris Ashenbrenner

10 February 2018, 19:40

During the process of electronic smart devices production, the protection of the users privacy is very important, the researcher Doris Aschenbrenner (the Netherlands) emphasised during the VI Kyiv Security Forum for Youth.

"The privacy should be further strengthened. Privacy protection is very important. And it should be understood, and to produce products that already have the appropriate level of security, which is already programmed to protect your data" she said.

The expert noted that these issues should be regulated at the legislative level: "There must be legislation that will force a company to manufacture such a product that will be used without consequences and will provide protection for buyers". At the same time, as D. Aschenbrenner added, the legislation does not keep up with the technology development.

She pointed out that the Internet provides great opportunities for people, simplifying their lives, but also significantly reduces their level of privacy. In addition, created big data can be used by criminals and terrorists. That is why the data protection should be provided at a high level, the expert underlined.

According to her, the Internet has led to the emergence of the "4th Industrial Revolution" – "smart industry". Talking about the creation of robots, D. Aschenbrenner pointed out that now they perform more analytical and statistical operations. However, industrialization is developing very rapidly and soon the machines will perform more and more functions.

Alongside with this, the expert is convinced that the labor division between robots and people will still be kept. "In 20-30 years, still there will be areas where people will be more productive than robots, although they will be spheres and fully automated".

She also mentioned that artificial intelligence is still not autonomous: "There is constant optimization of the machine's capabilities for solving specific tasks, and therefore the machine intended for face recognition will not write poems".


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