A "Cold" Cyberwar is Ongoing in the World - Uve Umlauf

10 February 2018, 16:11

Today, there is a growing number of signs that a "cold" cyberwar is ongoing in the world, and the involvement of stakeholders and parties is also increasing.

Uwe Umlauff, the Director of Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute Innovation & Business Creation (Munich), stated this during the VI Youth Kyiv Security Forum for.

"We see a "cold war" taking place, but it is not similar to that of 1960-1970s, but a "cold" cyberwar. And it involves more and more stakeholders and parties. We do not understand who initiates this, who pays, why it is done and for what purpose. And we are facing with an increasing number of challenges", he said.

The expert stressed that the development of digital technologies serves not only the benefit of people, but can be used by criminals and terrorists: "One can simply order a terrorist act, and some people through the use of technologies would commit such terrorist attack. And even state institutions can be involved in this sphere, and this is particularly terrifying".

Uwe Umlauf stressed that at the moment there was no technology not affected by the particular aspects of cybersecurity. "These technologies are converging, that is, they are integrated into systems even faster than before. And, accordingly, new comprehensive systems of cyber defense should be developed", he noted.

According to the analyst, new technologies are being constantly created, and they either become "mainstream" (the question is how many years they need to develop) or disappear. However, most of the technologies are not new but simply improved. Most of today’s startups in the world are working to find solutions in cybersecurity, the expert believes.


Youth Kyiv Security Forum is the platform for discussion of current issues of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine by young experts. The purpose of the forum is to strengthen the role of the new generation of experts, to improve their ability to participate in the process of political analysis and development.


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