Member of the Youth Council of the Foundation visited NATO Headquarters

30 October 2017, 12:13

From 23 till 26 October 2017, within the framework of a program of information cooperation between Ukraine and NATO civil society activists visited NATO headquarters in Brussels and the NATO Chief of Defense in Mons, organized by the NATO Armed Forces Commander Europe (Mons). The travel was organized by NATO Information and Documentation Center.

15 winners of various security and NATO contests were invited to visit Belgium. 

With the support and initiative of the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation a representative of the Youth Council of the Foundation YouThink Svitozar Ostapchuk took part in this visit. During his stay in Belgium, briefings, meetings and interactive sessions with representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance were held on such topics as the transformation of NATO's role in the modern world, challenges to international security, development, and support of Ukraine-NATO relations.  

«An average Ukrainian is not very knowledgeable about all areas of activity that cover NATO and for myself, I also discovered a lot of interesting things. In fact, this organization is engaged not only in military-political issues but also develops its activities in the fields of science, education, medicine, and ecology. The program «Science for Peace and Security» (in particular, the telemedicine development project) and the development of the cyclotron are worthy of attention», - Svitozar shares his impressions. «Moreover, it is very important that such projects are supported in Ukraine and people know about them because they stimulate scientists to stay in Ukraine, create new jobs and decent living conditions in the future and create additional cost for our economy,» - Svitozar emphasizes.

The representative of the Youth Council of the Foundation had the opportunity not only to listen to NATO representatives, but also to ask questions to speakers, including representatives of the diplomatic mission of Ukraine to NATO, as well as to Ukrainians working in NATO positions allocated to the partner countries (by the way, for Ukraine, there are 6 such places).

«It was very nice to meet people who represent Ukraine at the international level,» - Svitozar says. - Their openness and extraordinary motivation to work to improve Ukraine-NATO relations were particularly impressive. All of them are extraordinary individuals who inspire to work for the benefit of our country.»

According to Svitozar, such measures are a great platform for the development of relations between Ukraine and NATO and are a very important component of their communication. Also, the representative of the Foundation's Youth Council says that the insight received and the familiarity with people from different backgrounds is an excellent source of cooperation and new security projects.

For your information:

Youth Council of the Open Ukraine Foundation is composed of representatives aged from 18 to 35 years, of students, representatives of non-governmental organizations and active citizens. Council members share a common purpose of solving both simple and urgent issues of our country on their own initiative and on a voluntary basis.