"Cosmetology and psychology: what motivates a woman to beauty?"

20 April 2017, 13:52

The Open Ukraine Foundation invites you to attend the lecture of a well-known psychotherapist Tina Beradze and President of Ukrainian Medical Laser Association Svitlana Lysenko on «Cosmetology and psychology: what motivates a woman to beauty?»

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, 26 April at 19:00 in the creative space «INVERIA» (Volodymyrska str., 49a). 

Guests of the event will get an opportunity to talk about the role of cosmetology and the reasons of its usage and also discover from a well-known psychologist, author of popular articles, scientific publications, lectures, expert of television talk shows Tina Beradze what are the main psychological aspect of the woman pursuit for the beauty.

Dr. Tina has its own unique methodology that has absorbed the latest achievements of medicine and related sciences, experience, understanding of the realities of modern life and their influence on the human psyche.

Tina Beradze uses the most effective methods of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, coaching, psychological counseling, personal management, management and communication principles, tested in long-term practice.

Participation is free.

Registration for the event is required at following the link: goo.gl/PVMohO


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