The lecture of Marja Nesterova on «Psychosomatics: uncover the causes of our own failures»

16 January 2017, 22:54

The Arseniy Yatsenyuk «Open Ukraine» Foundation invites you to attend the lecture of a business coach, knowledge engineer, PhD Marja Nesterova on «Psychosomatics: uncover the causes of our own failures».

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, 25 January at 19:00.

The venue is a creative space «INVERIA» (Volodymyrska str., 49a).

During the lecture Marja Nesterova will pay attention to such items:

what is psychosomatics,

how the body and mind, emotions and thoughts are concerned with each other,

what are the causes of certain diseases and whether the connection between them,

Also, the lecturer will tell what psychosomatics situation means and how to avoid it.

Participation is free. Registration for the event is required at following the link:   


Marja Nesterova is a knowledge engineer, methodologist, psychologist, certified facilitator, certified management consultant (CMC), an individual consultant, coach, business coach, an art therapist.

Marja Nesterova is head of the Laboratory of social measurements of the cognitive science of Research Center of cognitive science, associate professor of the faculty of social and psychological sciences and management of Dragomanova National Pedagogical University, associate professor of the Psychological faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University.

From 2003 she has been a founder and director of consulting company of full cycle development and management of business effectiveness «Amity Consulting Ltd».

She is a Chairman of the Kiev organization of All-Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants IMC Ukraine, international certified management consultant (CMC). Coachville representative in Ukraine, a member of the European Federation of Coaching (EFC), a member of the Association of Art -therapeutic. She participated in international projects supported by Ukrainian and Russian Academy of Sciences, she is also a member of the Board of Ukrainian synergistic Association, a member of the Bertalanfy Society, a member of the Interregional Association of Cognitive Studies (IACR).

Her doctoral dissertation is devoted to modern cognitive research. She is the author of books «Сognitive science: Origins, Challenges, Prospects” (2015), "Postnonclassical Management" (2011), more than 90 publications, including issues of cognitive technology, philosophy of science, philosophy of education, applied educational and management technologies, she was a speaker at many Ukrainian and international conferences. She is the author of consulting projects in business development, branding, organizational development, strategic and tactical management, performance management business processes, evaluation and development of personnel and organizations.

Marja Nesterova is a partner Aston Corporate Management (USA & UK), Triodos Consulting, QPR (Finland). She participated in consulting and marketing projects in a partnership with major Western companies, including Halcrow, Ernst & Young, Holderbank, ED & F Man Fund, etc. She was a participant of UNDP, the Parliament of Japan and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, International Project Foundation For Future, brand sessions of WikiSityNomika «Semantic platform of Ukraine», team member and facilitator of «School of facilitators» GP «New Country», project participant of «Kiev's strategic community». Chairman of the NGO «Institute of social cohesion».

«Open Yourself» program aimed at personal development and strengthening of individual education. The objective of the program is an extension of new knowledge and ideas for self-development promotion and promotion of civil society development in Ukraine.

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