The lecture of psychotherapist Olena Medvedievaon «All about love»

09 September 2016, 10:30

The Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation within the framework of the program «Open Yourself» invites you to attend the lecture of child and family psychologist of psychoanalytic direction (International Institute of Depth Psychology, Universite Nice-Sophia Antipolis), member of Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis, psychotherapist, candidate of philosophical sciences Olena Medvedieva on «All about love».

The lecturer offers to think about whether all people can love, where did we know how to do it; about love and sex and whether it should be combined; why we divorce and choose «not whom we need»; whether jealousy is the measure of love; whether women and men love equal, as well as learn what love in psychoanalysis.

The lecture will be held on, 13 September 2016 at 19:00, in hotel «Vozdvyzhenskiy», 60A.

Participation is free.

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