Jan Tombinski: «Ukraine have to create and build stable and effective state institutions»

10 June 2016, 20:50

To have a state means daily investments in that what is called the state. In Ukraine it means to build and create stable and effective government institutions. It was said by Head of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski within  the Discussion Club «Open World» organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation.

At the same time European diplomat thinks that for the effectiveness of these investments Ukraine have to overcome a number of barriers, one of which is the lack of internal unity of Ukrainian society.

«It is still the lack of internal unity in Ukraine. I travel a lot to different regions and I am constantly surprised by the lack of Ukrainians internal unity. Quite often I meet such a phenomenon when people in some regions do not know what happens in the other ones. Therefore, this internal unity has to be one of the main tasks for those who care about the future of Ukraine. Because the lack of internal unity of Ukraine has always been the factor that motivates others to work on the secession of the Ukrainian nation, » - Jan Tombinski said.

«Another extremely important prerequisite of Ukrainian future is the need to learn to take the state seriously. For many years, Ukraine suffered from the imitation of political institutions, political life and political culture. Political parties have not been such as they should have been - with clear and understandable programs, with the activity that corresponded to these programs. Vice versa they have been the result of lobbying of various groups of interest. Moreover, the lack of seriousness in the understanding what the state means had its impact on the situation, which today we can observe in Ukraine, » - he added.

Despite these problematic aspects Jan Tombinski expressed his confidence that the state will be built in Ukraine. For this reason, we have to «study the past, including all negative lessons in order to work better and not to repeat mistakes in the future. You also need to invest to the country's internal unity to overcome the separation that exists today and reduce the possibility of others to play on the Ukrainian ignorance regarding their own state. Ukraine should be taken seriously, and each officer should be responsible for the work that she does for this country, » - European diplomat concluded.

For your information:

Discussion Club «Open World» is an educational project of the «Open Ukraine» Foundation for socially active young people. Its goal is to raise a new generation of responsible leaders. Every month the Foundation holds lectures with renowned experts, politicians and public figures, during which they discuss ways of effective solutions to social problems in Ukraine and in the world.