The lecture of a psychotherapist Olena Medvedieva «To be on the side of the child»

08 February 2016, 09:36

The «Open Ukraine» Foundation within the framework of the program «Open Yourself» invites you to attend the lecture of child and family psychologist of psychoanalytic direction (International Institute of Depth Psychology, Universite Nice-Sophia Antipolis), member of Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis, psychotherapist, candidate of philosophical sciences Olena Medvedieva on «To be on the side of the child».

The lecture will be held on Thursday, 11 February 2016 at 19:00, in hotel «Radisson Blu Podil» (Bratska str., 17/19).

During the lecture the psychologist will pay attention to such questions:

how to hear your daughter or son?

how to understand your reactions to the words or behavior of children?

are teenage years punishment or reward?

Olena Medvediev describes the lecture as follows:

«All of us come from childhood. This statement is important. Because suffering of adults who are seeking help from psychologists is the echo of problems of child and teenage years, when something went wrong ... It is the suffering of the children and teenagers, for whom it is very difficult to come to the understanding with adults just now and who are very frightened in the present. It is also the suffering of parents who wonder why their children behave as they are not their? How could the child turn from angel to devil? At best, parents ask «to do something with their children», in order to make them to study better or back home or eventually «to become normal». Very few mothers and fathers ask: «maybe I did something wrong and how can I help? » All these aspects will be discussed during the lecture.

Note that the lecture of Olena Medvedieva «To be on the side of the child» is based on clinical experience and the most pressing issues of psychoanalytic practice.

Admission is free.

Registration for the event is required at following link:


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