Natalia Adamenko: «Etiquette means rules of the game that is called life»

03 November 2015, 11:48

Etiquette means rules of the game that is called life. Each of us has ever played the games and knows perfectly that the winner is the one, who is better acquainted with the rules. Those of us, who know the rules of conduct better, will attain success more quickly, will be more successful in a personal life and will have much less problems.

The «Etiquette School» President, expert on etiquette and diplomatic protocol, professional business coach Natalia Adamenko told about all these things during the meeting  within the program «Open Yourself».

While communicating with guests, the expert concentrated on such subjects as: who are the real ladies and gentlemen, how to create your own image and what rules of etiquette must be adhered first of all.

According to Natalia Adamenko, in order to attain success we must follow these rules:

  • If you want to make your life smile to you, at first, you must gift it with your good mood
  • Body posture of a person is a soul façade
  • Clothes mean the essence and not just the scenery
  • Tactfulness is a politeness of mind
  • You must be able to manage yourself and your emotions
  • Do not be afraid to sympathize with the other person
  • Take your time to refuse other people

« It would seem that little things are little things, but how much they mean. There are no little things in etiquette. Small stones are able to turn up the large wagon. How much these messages to society, non-verbal methods of communication with saying nothing mean! You always have to remember about them!» - said Natalia Adamenko.

The expert also added that during communication we must not forget about taboo topics. These include policy, religion, health and money.

At that time, pay attention to the advice of Churchill, who recommended to use the «rule of three P».

«Always be professional, proper and patriotic. Do not stop to develop and improve in your business every day, treat people the same way you want them treat you, and love your native land. Remember what the state means for you, and what Motherland means. Love it and respect, foster the same feelings in your children» - the expert stressed.

Head of Supervisory Council of the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation Tereziya Yatsenyuk noted that such meetings should be held more often, in fact, «how difficult it may be, no matter how much grief fell to lot of Ukraine, our society is changing. »

«Ukrainian revolution of dignity and attitudes to life are an example of this. Ukrainians tend to hold the bar high, to study, to develop, to open themselves. And this meeting within our project «Open Yourself», again shows that Ukrainians are interested in such events» - said Tereziya Yatsenyuk.


Natalia Adamenko is an «Etiquette School» President, expert on etiquette and diplomatic protocol, professional business coach. A member of the World Federation of Women for World Peace, peace envoy for International Peace  Federation. Citizens board member at the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on  Foreign Affairs. Grand figure of Ukrainian Science and Art. She is known for «1 + 1» TV projects «Vid patsanky do panianky». Among her students are businessmen and politicians, cultural figures, artists.

"Open Yourself" program aimed at personal development and strengthening of individual education. The objective of the program is an extension of new knowledge and ideas for self-development promotion and promotion of civil society development in Ukraine.

Within the program there are public lectures, meetings, trainings with specialists in various spheres which are held to help public learn more, understand and discover themselves.