Lubko Deresh explained how to enjoy life and literary activity

29 October 2015, 09:12

During the Art club «Faces», organized by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk «Open Ukraine» Foundation famous Ukrainian writer, culture expert Lubko Deresh told how to enjoy life and literary activity and shared his own thoughts on the subject of how not to lose your own «self».

Communicating with guests, a young writer told about his personal rueful feelings he faced with after writing popular books «Cult» and «Pokloninnia yashchirtsi» and what forced him to continue the work on new compositions.

He stressed that both in literature and life is very important to listen inner feelings and there is no need to go down the chosen way.

«Different senses are fighting for us. Senses are values. This is something that is valuable for us, something we are ready to go to. And very often these values come to us from the outside and we fall for them, go after them. To my mind, values mean things that allow us to enjoy something. This is something that makes us happy. Upon that, inner freedom is often contrasted with propaganda. These are the values that somehow substitute our own life, our sense of ourselves as some fake»- said the writer.

However, he is persuaded that, if you follow the personal state of mind and go by your own «self», you can get a decent joy from what you're doing.

«Everything I do is all with a sense of joy. And there is a place in our heart take a listen to which, you can start to live or work at least a little in other way. And, actually, it will give a huge inspiration and wing. Even the opportunity to be involved in the work, to life will be enough. This will be the reward for our work», - remarked the author.

Lubko Deresh shared that personally for him, the greatest pleasure of creativity is the result.

«Relief. The feeling is familiar to everybody who did the work, as it is called, honestly. When I had the feeling that I did something best, and I invested to this work largely. It is probably the highest pleasure».

Lubko Deresh expressed the hope that the meetings that promote Ukrainian culture, will be popular in Ukraine and people who will be involved in such activities will receive great inspiration and enjoyment of life.


Art Club Faces, launched by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation Open Ukraine in partnership with creative space Chasopys is a platform for communication and exchange of experience of Ukrainian and foreign writers, musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers and other cultural representatives. Every month literature readings, artistic meetings, workshops, film screenings, musical evenings and exhibitions are held.

Lubko Deresh is one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian authors. The main characters of his works are teenagers and interesting stories of their lives. Being 15 years old he wrote his first novel «Cult», that was published when the author was eighteen. Young writer`s book immediately caused a remarkable wave of passionate debate in youth cafes and fashion editorials, the novel has been translated into several foreign languages and  made the author a star of international book fairs. Later Deresh got out novels that have become national bestsellers («Pokloninnia yashchirtsi», «Arche», «Namir», «Trochy pitmy», «Holova Yakova»). Deresh was recognized as a leader of a new literary generation and youth idol. Publishing rights of his books were acquired by leading publishers in Europe.