Greetings on Independence Day

24 August 2015, 08:01

Dear Ukrainians!

I heartily congratulate all of us on the biggest national holiday - Independence Day.

I believe that our country deserves to be prosperous and strong, because it has got the greatest treasure - the best people in the world. People who love their land, who are willing to be near in the moments of joy and in times of sorrow. We can lend the shoulder of fraternal assistance when our state needs it. We know what the pride is when we see victory and success of our countrymen. We understand what the happiness is on our own, God-given land. And we all move forward to it.

Peace and well-being to the country that gave us life!

Happy Birthday, Ukraine!

Best regards,
Head of Supervisory Council of the Open Ukraine Foundation
Tereziya Yatsenyuk