Discussion Club «Open World» on «New challenges and agenda of Trump`s administration. What does it mean for Ukraine and the world»

14 February 2017, 10:16

The Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute for the Future invites you to attend the meeting within the Discussion Club «Open World» on «New challenges and agenda of Trump`s administration. What does it mean for Ukraine and the world».

The meeting will take place on Thursday 16th  February, at 19:00, at the National Agency «Ukrinform» (Bohdan Khmelnytsky str., 8/16).

The working language of the meeting is English.

During the meeting, US experts will answer such questions: Will the American democracy with its famous checks and balances weather Trump? What can Ukraine offer Trump?

Speakers of the event:

Adrian Karatnycky is a journalist and analyst who regularly publishes articles on topics related to Ukraine in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek and Foreign Affairs. He is a Senior Researcher at the analytical center «The Atlantic Council» and co-director of the initiative «Ukraine-West Dialogue» launched by «The Atlantic Council» and a member of the board of a non-governmental initiative «Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter».

Peter Zalmayev is a Director of the non-governmental organization based in New York Eurasia Democracy Initiative, the main aim of that is to inform about the economy, politics and social life in post-Soviet states.

Vlad Davidzon is a correspondent and a scientist with advanced degrees in human rights program E.MA (European Master's Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation) in Italy.

Taras Berezovets is a political expert, a director of national security and defense programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

Participation is free. Registration for the event is obligatory and available through the link:https://goo.gl/forms/RwUaiboI8sLNPkTa2

For your information:

Discussion Club «Open World» is an educational project of the «Open Ukraine» Foundation for socially active young people. Its goal is to raise a new generation of responsible leaders. Every month the Foundation holds lectures with renowned experts, politicians and public figures, during which they discuss ways of effective solutions to social problems in Ukraine and in the world.